For the past 10 years, Homes Of Mother Earth Founder, Geraldine Ramirez, has traveled the country observing the quality of life of most Americans. She states that "our quality of life in America isn't reflected in our assets, for most Americans have a plethora of things. I searched for the happiness of their souls to tell me about their quality of life, and I found that most were, in fact, poor. We work too hard and gain too little and die before we get to fully enjoy the fruit of our labor. While many countries in the world don't have access to clean water, we don't have access to our own Souls."

Ramirez believes that when we're all free to pursue our passions, our abundance will spill out unto the world and benefit everyone we come into contact with.


"The energy of abundance flows through us all. Sometimes, we just need a reminder of what that feels like."


We Help You Create Your Own Version of Freedom

Our purpose is simple: to free you from the current system. We have the tools and land needed to create self-sufficient homesteads. We allow families or individuals to live rent or mortgage free for up to one year in an existing off-grid home, allowing them to accumulate enough time and money to plan and build their own self-sufficient home, wherever they'd like and however they'd like it. This could be your future.

Take a look through our current projects to see if this is the right path for you.


Homes Of Mother Earth was founded by Geraldine Ramirez in the winter of 2012 after having a vision of a self-sustaining system that would free anyone from the current financial structure of our cities worldwide. She is committed to offering anyone who wants it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to use the assets that she has accumulated over the past 10 years to build and own their own self-sufficient home.


After founding Mushroom Valley Farms in 2018 with her fiance, the LatinX couple are now using every dollar of their profits to buy land on which off-grid homesteads can be developed. These homesteads will house 2 families each and allow up to 1-year of rent and mortgage-free living, allowing the families or individuals a chance to save enough money to build their own self-sufficient home. In return, we ask that those who are given this opportunity will also create an extra dwelling on their land that will allow another family or individual the chance to financially free themselves, as they were given the chance.


Homes Of Mother Earth firmly believes that if you are here, reading this, then it is your time to be set free. Contact Us to find out how.

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